‘“KINGX strives to be the preferred global transformational business management consulting firm.”


- Dr. King Kabobole

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Fair market value, fair value or strategic, investment value standard. Transaction, tax, regulatory or litigation purpose.  Book value, going concern, liquidation or replacement premise.  Asset, income or market approach.

A strategic company buyer?

A long-term investor?

An equity seller?

A minority seller of your company?

A business under liquidation?

A business partner in conflict over the company?

Collateralizing your company?

Company under tax investigation?

Company value consistent with the Fair Market Value

    Company value commercially reasonable

Rigor and consistency in process enables  justifiable value

Time and effort saving for internal resources

Unbiased appraisal processes

International and multi markets accepted valuation process

Value which is purposeful and methodologies        driven.

you are covered at KINGX.  your one stop shop for all things of value and, calculated value.

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Do you need:

An objective valuation of the company at stake?

Fair market transaction value?

Accurate tax purpose value?

A conclusion of value or calculated value?