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- Dr. King Kabobole

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Factual changes are easy to cope and adapt with because they are based on facts. Most of business operation changes are fact based thus require a single solution called adaptation.

Over time, changes may also vary from single factual to a chain of change. A chain of changes is actually a phenomenon where the pattern of change also varies over time.

A Solution to a chain of change may only be possible with the anticipation to change.  TRANSFORMATION is viewed at KINGX as a plan of actions designed to anticipate the response to the chain of change.

In view of synergizing the people’s emotionality with the company rationality we provide the following in house training:

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practical project management

in house training

Practical project training is conducted in independent phases or project cycles which can be taken individually, in sequence or combined with a live project. Only conducted in house and is designed based on the client’s needs.


This training session challenges individuals to discover themselves and move from semi-employment or the current status to the full-employment with the following benefits:

Personal fulfillment for using natural unique given abilities “life identity.”

They will enjoy the bonus or rewards from using the secondary self-acquired skills from training.

Enabling the human capital to release their full potential and increase their personal productivity to the company benefit.

Enabling the people to enjoy while their doing and align their life’s with their respective works.

Creativity and innovation Awareness


Compliance-to-result is built around a single result modeling/paradigm to create the attention which energizes and brings about the expected result always.

How well complied are your people to the company result?

The group creativity

This is the most powerful communication session on the earth, with:

The sole benefit of discussing any company sensitive matter without disputing.

Also called the “continents theories” or the “world tour of ideas” it has been inspired from the “six hats “from the author “Eduardo de Bono.

It allows the maximization of the group potential around company’s meetings.